Dr Aafia Still Alive: US Prison Spokesperson

WASHINGTON: An official for the holding facility where neuroscientist Dr Afia Siddiqui is being kept, has denied rumours of her death.

Speaking to The Express Tribune on Wednesday, Dr Maria Douglas, a spokesperson for Federal Medical Center Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas where Dr Siddiqui is serving her prison sentence, vehemently denied rumours and said that it was absolutely false that Dr Siddiqui had passed away, adding that no medical emergency has arisen.

Earlier, text messages were circulating in Pakistan claiming that Dr Siddiqui had passed away at the prison facility.

Aafia Mother in Mother Day – Video

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Dr Aafia news Updates of 14-5-2012

13th may Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Special

Not a criminal

Muhammad Jalal.

I would like to say that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is a victim, not a criminal. She was abducted from Karachi, Pakistan, and is being accused for something in Afghanistan. Rather, this is a matter to be investigated in itself. Moreover, the accusation of Afghanistan is an invalid case. How can one be charged to seek escape from one’s captors? And even the accusation of shooting has been proved untrue.

I’m so sorry for handing over the innocent Dr. Aafia Siddiqui to the Americans. It was my biggest mistake ever! Khurshid Kasuri 23 Jan @twitter

Karwan e Gherat Press Release 30 April 2012

Karwan e Gherat Press Release ( Kati Pahari Qasba Colony “29 April 2012?)

 Dr Fowzia Addressing to a huge crowd ghathered under Karwan e Gherat here at Kati Pahari – Qasba Colony -

Rally for release of Aafia 30 April 2012

KARACHI: Reminding that dishonouring a woman is a worse crime than contempt of court, Dr Fauzia, sister of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, asked when will justice be served to her innocent sister.

Addressing a ‘Karvan-e-Ghairat’ rally in Karachi on Sunday, she said Aafia is being used for political gains but no sincere effort has been made to bring her back. Aafia is being punished because she wanted to bring an educational reform. She said on this mother’s day not even a single phone was allowed to Aafia to talk to her mother and children.

Karwan e Gherat On Banaras Chowk – Picture/Video

Chair-person of Aafia Movement Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui said that an honorable nation requires an honorable leadership, there are even some principles of prostitution business but our rulers and politicians are even worse than sex workers.

She was addressing a massive rally of KARWAN E GERAT at Bacha Khan Chowk in Karachi where thousands of people have gathered to listen to her. She was received at Valika hospital and taken to Bacha Khan Chowk in a procession. While addressing to the charged mob she lamented the parliamentarians for compromising on the most important and sensitive issues like NATO supplies, Dr. Aafia’s release, Salala, Drones etc.

15th April Jalsa at Banaras Chowk for Kaarwan e Gherat

Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui sister of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, said that Nations that compromise on their honor and dignity, very soon loose their sovereignty and the leaders of the unfortunate nations are always ridiculed and degraded. It is upto us to show that we are an honorable people, and todays turnout has just proven that. We have to unite and let our leaders and politicians know that enough is enough, we will not serve to foreign masters or their puppets, We will not let our soldiers and innocent civilian blood be ridiculed by the NATO, Drones and target killers.

Aafia is the honor of the entire ummah, and if we fail her we will be failing ourselves .